Saturday, September 1, 2012

So much to write!!!

WOW I feel like this could be a marathon post, but since I hate running, I won't let it get that long...I hope. ;)

Next week blog goals:

Figure out a theme for Monday and stick with it. Not sure what...........suggestions? This Monday will be Moving Monday, where I post all about my ridiculous move, but after that, I'm not sure!

What I Wore Wednesday. I'm not quite ready to put it all out there for "What I Ate Wednesday," but I can totally do What I Wore. (whoops typo just put "whore." Definitely NOT "What I Whore." EEKS)

Friday Faves! I know lots of people that do link ups for Friday Faves, so I'm all in!

So let's see where to begin...I don't even really remember what I did the rest of last week. Apparently nothing that exciting! OH duh....Wednesday I stayed up till 1am baking for the tailgate! I was highly disappointed in my box mix red velvet attempt at whoopie pies, so those were scratched. I made a batch from scratch on Wednesday....yes, I actually bought measuring cups and a mixer. They actually turned out pretty amazing. Still don't have the high altitude baking down yet because the second pan was super gooey and not cooked all the way through in the middle. Don't get it twisted, I ate the shit out of the gooey stuff because it was so amazingly yummy, but I didn't think my coworkers would appreciate the possibility of uncooked eggs. So I was left bringing about 15 whoopie pies and cake balls -which I think are still in my coworkers car...ooops- that they ate. And liked! Sad part was that I grabbed red icing, not food coloring. They were not red velvet, just brown velvet!

Thursday we worked a bit in the morning then went to the tailgate. I ate wayyyy too much. And drank more than I needed to, carb and calorie wise. No, I was not inappropriate around my new coworkers thank you very much! I sat with K & B (surprise!) which was tons of fun, even though B hardly knows anything about football.

The game was fun but we left at the start of the 3rd quarter when it started raining, and ended up at the bar. I had another beer there, because I was not about to mix my booze! Note to self: Beer is not good for the waistline or for the feet. I'm having severe puffiness up here and I can't figure it out!!! Anyone know why I would be super puffy in high altitude? Doesn't make sense to me, but I guess I should see a doctor.

Anyhoo...Friday at work was quite slow. I got in late (still beat the boys)  around 9:15am and left around 2pm. I got my nails done....shellac French mani... for half price. I somehow always luck into that! I love them this time!!! So super cute and looks like they will last a while. The owner told me to come back again next time and they will do them again for half price. Love it!! I had plans Friday evening to meet up with K & B for K's bday, but I realized I had nothing cute in my closet that fit me. Plus, they were all wearing white pants. I did *not* want to stand out in the wrong way! I ended up buying a whole new outfit (ughhhhhhh not good saving money) for the night. The pieces are super cute and I could totally remix with other pieces I own. The good part was that I bought it from a consignment shop! Apparently my pants should've cost $150, but I got them for $45, tags still on! K, B & R (the three bffs) loved them and wanted to know where I got them! I was so embarrassed to tell them it was from a consignment shop, so I waited until everyone had a few drinks in them before I shared. I also bought a cute black/gold shirt that conveniently hid my tummy pooch -score!- for $17. I shouldn't have bought that, but it was super cute and perfect for the outfit. I will definitely be re-wearing that. I bought a gold bangle for $6 to make the outfit complete -again....completely unnecessary- but I felt really put together and "adult," not broke college kid. That was a huge self-esteem booster, considering I'm the youngest one of the group by about 7 years. Finally, I bought a black Armani Exchange jacket for $11.50! Score!! I didn't wear it because it was too warm and I didn't need it, but I love it! I always admire people's clothing who look "put together," and it recently clicked with me that layering with a jacket really adds to that "put together" look. I'm not sure how much the jacket originally cost, but it is in amazing condition and for $11.50, I couldn't pass up an Armani Exchange jacket that will make me feel "adult" and "put together." In the end, although I feel like I spent entirely too much hard earned money on one outfit, I will definitely get a lot of use out of the items and it will be worth it in the end.

Going out with the girls was so much fun! One thing I was lacking in Houston were female friends which makes me appreciate the fact that I've become one of the gang so quickly. There were 6 of us that went to this cute little local (yes, semi-hippie) restaurant cafe for dinner. I had a steak salad which was amazing. You could definitely tell the veggies were local and fresh. I subbed out potatoes for extra asparagus -obsessed. Best decision of the night! We split tapas (I only had a shrimp stuffed mushroom and a bit of the hummus) and dessert- tiramisu and blueberry/lemon bread pudding. I did really good and only had a nibble of each dessert! And no drinks at dinner! Happy Birthday K!

We then went to K's favorite bar, Dick & Dixie's. Honestly, it's not my favorite. Not bad, but just not my scene. I'd much rather have a hole in the wall sports bar type bar, instead of a whole in the wall hippie/emo/occasionally lesbian bar. But hey, fun company and cheap drinks so I can't complain!

Ok I got rid of the red-eye on my phone, don't know why they still look creepy here!

We left D&D probably around midnight-ish because one of our coworkers, S, was having a graduation party. In the hierarchy of our office, K is the boss, then me, and S is below me. I don't like to say I'm his boss, but yes, technically he does have to listen to me. We're more like a team, which is amazing. Anyways, that is boring. S was celebrating his MBA graduation. Yay S! S made a point of introducing me to a lot of his friends, since we are both the same age. His friends were tons of fun and I really hope they invite me out again. I could see us being good friends. We'll see. I'm already becoming good friends with K, but it would be fun to have 2 groups of good friends. K & B and the girls, S and the boys. Plus K & S have been friends for a while, so we could even all be friends and it not be awkward. I hope. Haha I sound like a little kid talking about friends. Fast forward to age 27 please :) K has a cute pic of the three of us that I hope she sends me soon. Def will post! I ended up driving....don't know why I volunteered, but I don't mind at all.....and the gang wanted to stop for 24 hour breakfast burritos. Gotta love drunk food cravings! K had a California Burrito-steak, potatoes, cheese? guac? and B & R had egg & cheese breakfast burritos. I opted for the smaller Carne Asada taco. No potato and I hardly ate much of the tortilla. Yay late night snacking. The cute pic is us waiting for our burritos.

Love ya ladies! Oh it rained. See the back window? K loved it.

S & I (and N) bought K a cake for her birthday that we brought to the tailgate. And by "we" I mean S. He picked out the perfect cake. Chocolate with chocolate mousse and ganache or some incredibly amazing combination of chocolate. Totally pigged out on that when we got back too. Whoops. Hey, it's a can't *not* have cake. Glad it wasn't mine because I would eat the entire thing. Without sharing. In one sitting. OMG ILoveChocolate. haha

Now today. Today was crazy and will be part of my moving post. What I will tell you, is that I went to Bar  Method class this morning and went on a 5.75 walk/run this afternoon. It felt sooooooooooo goood!!!!! I think I overate today though. That is my problem. Just because I exercise I think that it gives me free reign to eat a ton. It does not. I've now been sitting on my new rocking cushy office chair for the past 2 hours. It's called "Moving Karma" and will be part of my moving post.....stay tuned ;)

And with that, I am hot, sweaty, and dirty, so it is bath time for me! Good night lovelies.


Happy Labor Day weekend!!! What are your exciting Labor Day plans?? Tomorrow I'll be going to church and either going to brunch and mountain hiking with the girls (K, B & R) or I will be cooking breakfast and going for a walk in the park, similar to today. Who knows what Monday will bring! Maybe shopping both days!

Ok good night for reals yo :)

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