Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quickie and a Video

Lots to do today but I wanted to give you a quick post!

1) Signed a lease at a new place yesterday!! Super excited to move in!! (Part of my busy day today)

I'm so blessed to randomly be living in the mountains!

2) I joined the diet bet and have "lost" 3.2 lbs woohoo!

3) I'm inspired by people left right and center to get my butt in gear and do better. I need to remember that and keep improving. 

4) College football today, UFC tonight, maybe Park City tonight, and Steelers tomorrow. I LOVE FALL WEEKENDS

5) I get distracted soooo easily. I am a multi-tasker by nature, and tend to get distracted easily. 9 times out of 10 I get distracted while cooking bacon and burn it. For a while I was banned in the one6four from cooking altogether because of a bacon burn. Oops.

Breakfast turned out pretty well anyways...

8)Went to Bar Method at 8:30am. I love it. Can't stop won't stop! Feel the shake! Check them out. Haha ok I think I'll stop plugging them, but I promise you, you will see results!!

7) Lastly...I may not be a high school athlete (hahhaha) or even an athlete on a co-ed softball team :( but I saw this commercial on TV and the message really spoke to me. "Come back UNTOUCHABLE" Think about this body when you want to sleep-in in the morning....when you want to quit instead of doing another set.....good thoughts!

Today...let's all be UNTOUCHABLE. Make it a great one lovelies :)

What's on your agenda this weekend? Who or what is your inspiration? What makes you untouchable?

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