Thursday, September 27, 2012

I quit. Boo.

Welllll so I quit on my detox. Didn't make it all 5 days like I wanted to. Quick recap of today.

I woke up ridiculously late. I rushed to get to work and looked like poo and super sleepy. Lo and behold, I was the first one in the office. I could've taken an extra 10 minutes to make my hair look presentable. Argh! I did weigh myself before I went to work. Unfortunately, I was up 1.2 lbs. Not what I needed today! Needless to say, I was uber grumpy by the time I got to work.

Not happy.

I'm the green one.

I wanted to share with you my "micro-scrambled" eggs that I eat almost every morning. Do you ever think you don't have enough time for breakfast? Never fear with these eggs! Simply crack an egg or two in a coffee mug, add in approx 1 tbsp water per egg, scramble with a fork, and microwave! It literally takes 1-2 minutes for your eggs to be done. Some tips: Spray the inside of your mug with non-stick spray. It will be much harder to clean if you don't spray before! When the eggs are done, use your fork to break it up. It will be one big egg chunk (that sounds disgusting) but if you break it up, it will be a much more familiar consistency. Add seasonings! Add cheese! From plain with S&P, to spicy with hot sauce and salsa, or cheesey with err cheese, you can be creative and have a yummy breakfast quick! Today I kept it simple, since of course I was still doing the detox. Just 2 eggs, a bit of water, and a scoop of ground golden milled flax. PS If you are adding flax for the nutrients, you're going to have to add more water. It absorbs most of the water! If you don't use flax, then you will have a bit of water in the bottom of the mug when you're done.

Totally not the best pic!

OH the most important tip. Buy a plastic, microwavable soup bowl that has a lid. I bought mine at TJMaxx for about $5. I thought I would use it for soup or lunches, but I ended up using it only for eggs! It is perfect!! I just googled it and you can buy one at Shop Get Organized for less than $7. As often as I use mine, totally worth it!

Eggs for breakfast, 1 green bell pepper for early afternoon snack, 2 packs of tuna for lunch, 23 boiled seasoned shrimp for dinner, and a ton of asparagus (1/2 pound?) for dinner. I broke my detox after lunch when I had super stinky breath. I was not in the mood to have stinky breath all afternoon so I had one serving (2 pieces) of trident white gum. Then I needed more. Had 2 pieces of Extra Dessert flavors gum. At the end of work today, I was definitely not as hungry as yesterday, but I had broken my detox :( And yes, approx 670 calories later, this girl was still hungry. (Who wouldn't be hungry with only 670 calories?? 15 from gum!) I broke down again, and had a Carbmaster yogurt. Another 60 calories, 8 protein, and 4 carbs. I love that they taste so good and have so little stats, but sadly, against the detox :( 

I wasn't planning on breaking my detox today with yogurt and gum, but I was definitely planning on breaking it with a glass of wine during Grey's Anatomy. I'm still going to have it, but I'll be bummed in the morning when I'm up weight again. Le sigh. I will at least enjoy it tonight! Ed. Note: Tried the wine, it's skunked. I haven't had that happen in a while!! Either I run to the liquor store and get wine (definitely getting boxed wine so it lasts longer) or I not buy wine, save 120 calories/3.7 carbs, and finish my detox half way decent....

All in all, it's about balance, isn't it? I've read no less than 3 blogs in the past 24 hours that talk about finding the balance, so I know I'm not the only one out there struggling to find the balance. I'll do semi-detox again tomorrow, and start my Saturday with Bar Banter-focus on abs (yay!) move, then get back to a routine on Monday. Alright...I'm headed to the liquor store. I can't watch the premiere of Grey's Anatomy without a glass of wine...I just won't drink the whole bottle ;) Balance!

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