Monday, September 17, 2012

Yucky stomach :(

Hey y'all....yesterday was a severe case of yucky stomach. I was up late Saturday because of an awesome football game...(if you haven't seen it yet, Yahoo! has a good recap of the ending here: Utah beats BYU Strangest Way Possible) and so I slept in Sunday. Tangent: Weird thing about Mountain time....11am is the first Sunday NFL game!! I mean I still called it the "1 o'clock game" when I was in Texas....but now the "1 o'clock game" is 11am, and the "4pm game" is at 2pm! I digress. Woke up, had my normal carbmaster yogurt for breakfast, with a tiny bit of leftover coffee and got ready for church. 11am mass (yup, missed the majority of the early!) grocery store for some AMAZING deals (score!) finally finally finally got my car washed, and went home to eat and get ready for the game.

Well. My stomach has not been happy since. I don't know if was the crappola I ate Saturday at the tailgate (theme: "just desserts." fried desserts.) that set me off with the tons of carbs and alcohol plus the exciting game and the late night, or something that I ate Sunday early afternoon. I really hope it was the tailgate or something that wasn't cooked all the way through when I ate it Sunday, because I have leftovers of everything!! I ate the most random things on Sunday, so it could be anything. It all tasted good to me, but I know it will be odd to you so I will spare you the details. Especially since potentially something got me sick!

I'm going to let you in on one of my weird quirks. Unless I am completely incapable of eating, I will keep eating. I have to be lying on the ground in pain, puking my guts out, or sitting on the toilet for hours. 9 times outta 10, I will still eat, even if I'm not feeling well. I have this odd mentality that "ok, I ate something that isn't right....there is some kind of food remedy out there that will counteract my yuckiness and make me better." I am so odd!! I know most people will not feel well, and won't eat again! I mean it makes sense....why try to eat something when it could make you worse. Although, I am like most (some? a few? anyone? Bueller?) that have a secret hope that you will get sick just enough to not eat and lose a few quick pounds. But yet...I still eat!! Geeze. Anyways....cheers to a good Monday crosses fingers!

What do you do when you are sick? Do you (secretly) hope you'll not eat and lose weight? Do you pray for it to end quickly?

Have a good day lovelies!

PS: First post I wrote and scheduled for a morning post....we shall see.....

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