Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I Wore {to workout} Wednesday!

Woohoo finally something I promised I would post! What I Wore Wednesday....or W3 for short. 3W? Hm. WWW. W3!
Post-Workout. Don't judge!

For today's Bar Method class, I chose my new Under Armour running capriscotton slub tank, and my brand new black Bar Method socks! I told myself as I was walking in to the studio....NO! Do not buy new socks!! But I got in and caved! Who wants to wear grey socks with a black workout outfit?? Not me! I go to Bar Class 3-5 times a week, so having 2 pairs of Bar socks are totally worth it. Anyways....let's talk about my outfit, no?

For Bar Method classes, you have to wear pants/capris that cover your knees. Why? So you don't get rug burns! (I think...?!) I ordered these new capris from Under Armour that are technically for "running." They are nice and tight, and they did not bunch up around my knees. Being 5'8 and leggy, that is definitely a concern for me! They were comfortable and functional. 10 out of 10 (for Bar...running? not sure yet!) There is a zipper on the back so I could throw a key and phone (maybe?) in my butt if I ever go for a run. We shall see...

Next up, the tank. Comfy, lightweight, and most importantly, cute! I take that back. Most importantly, it is long. Not super long, but long enough where I don't have to worry about exposing my unsightly tummy to the masses during Bar class. I wasn't sure how Under Armour "semi-fitted" would fit on my body, but it was pretty true to size. 10 for 10. I might even will absolutely be wearing this when I'm not working out as well. 

Black Bar Socks...maybe an indulgence I didn't need, but I will not go to Bar Method without special socks. They have grippy bottoms and a little extra nub of sock on the back so you don't rub your skin on the bar during workouts. 

All in all, I HIGHLY recommend Bar Method classes, especially the lovely ladies at my SLC studio, and my Under Armour workout gear. That's all for today! I'm hoping to work on some recipes this weekend, because what is a blog without recipes?! Especially with cookie dough in my title!! 

Make tomorrow a great one my lovelies!!

*Full disclosure: I receive a significant discount to order Under Armour. However, the opinions and views are entirely my own!

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