Monday, September 24, 2012

Well Hello!

I hate when I do dumb brushing my teeth and then immediately eating a dill pickle. GROSS. Now that I've got that off my chest haha

Inspired my one of my high school friends -who is now a TV Meteorologist in Florida-super cool job if you ask me- I am going to do a mini detox this week! Meredith is blogging about her "Find Your Fit Challenge"  and you should check it out to see what how she is getting fit. I am/have been on my own personal journey to get fit and healthy, and I've never done a detox before. I normally am anti-detox, and definitely anti-cleanse, but I've been feeling gross on the inside. Ya know....too much processed crap and what not. I've been doing so much better, back to low carb, but I want something different. My detox is not going to be the same as Meredith's detox, but it will be adjusted to me. I firmly believe that everyone's diet and exercise regime should be tailored to the individual. I am not a nutritionist, and am creating my own detox, so please don't follow mine without talking to your doctor first. That being said, here is my plan:

As many vegetables as I like. I am still planning on sticking to low glycemic vegetables, so that eliminates some. Goal is to have veggies at every meal, including breakfast. They will either be raw or steamed. Or roasted.

I would also do low glycemic fruits, but I've never been huge on fruit, so I might not have any this week. I normally don't. Hmm maybe I should start incorporating low glycemic fruit back into my diet (in moderation)....just a thought...

One or two eggs for breakfast with my scoop of flax. Not sure how I will incorporate flax in my breakfast because I usually put it in my yogurt. Maybe in my microwaved scrambled eggs?

No dairy. That's right. NO CHEESE. No low carb yogurt!! This will be difficult, but I'm only planning on doing this for 3-6 days.

No alcohol. Duh. It's a detox.

1 cup of coffee per day. Just one. Eeeks. Lots of water and tea.

No artificial sweeteners! Yikes!

Lean protein. This will be eggs for breakfast, tuna or chicken at lunch, and fish for dinner (maybe chicken). I stocked up discount fish today (score!) so on the menu will be Mahi Mahi, Salmon (ok that is fatty, but good fats, so maybe that will wait till Thursday) Tilapia (I think? I don't remember!) and shrimp. All will be lightly seasoned and baked/broiled/grilled. No cooking with oil or butter! Oh and I think I have leftover chicken.

No oil, butter, ranch dressing.

Basically, not much different than most of my days. I'll be increasing my veggie intake, cutting back my fat intake (much needed) not having artificial sweeteners, and the biggest dairy! I live on my yogurts and love my cheese. I should be able to make it three days, maybe six max. I will let you know how it goes and how I feel after. If it doesn't work, maybe I will follow someone else's proven plan.

I realized after Bar Method yesterday that it was the last day of my pass!! Sooooo sad! I will be buying a 3 month pass, but since I am moving this week, I've decided to delay a week. There is a studio near my new apartment, but I've started to have a connection with my studio, so I don't think I will switch. I did buy a Living Social deal for 3 classes at the new studio, so unless I have an instant, better connection, I will not be switching. I did actually think of a Spend Less tip, however. Most studios have a discounted price for new members. The new studio has one of those, so I could save $26 for one month at the new studio. I just have to decide whether I want to "cheat" on my current studio. I really love my instructors and classmates, so it will be difficult switch and save money. The positives are 1) saving money 2) close to my new apartment 3) Tuesday evening classes 4) Sunday classes. I mean I would go to new studio Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday, and my current studio Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.....but that would be $99 at studio new, $125 at studio old. And that is not Spending Less! Would I even go 7 days a week? Probably not. Plus, I want to start doing Zumba again. Maybe I can find a Zumba place by my new apartment and do Zumba 3 days a week and Bar Method 4-5 days a week.....

Wow, I think this blog post today is more of a "dear diary" format, with a stream of thoughts and asking myself questions. Whoops! Sorry lovelies, I hope it wasn't too boring for you!

This weekend was a bad weekend for football, so I am beyond ready to go to sleep and wake up to a new week! Good night my lovelies!


  1. No cheese??!! Say it isn't so! Thankfully its just for a few days! :D

    1. I know!! So crazy. I'm 4 days without cheese and surprisingly, not that bad! I think a lot of my calories come from cheese, especially my mindless snacking, so hopefully I can go back after detox and have moderation!