Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Diet bet...?

Awhile back, one of my blogs I read posted about a "diet bet." I thought about joining, but didn't. Now that I've made yet another renewed conscious effort to lose some poundage before Halloween, I thought hmmm maybe that is a good idea! The website DietBet allows people to create or join a bet pool to win money as you lose weight! The idea is everyone pays into the pot-you can set the amount-and everyone has the same goal: 4% in 28 days. Completely doable! The winner takes all, or winners split the pot. It would definitely be a huge incentive for me to keep making smart decision and work my way towards my Halloween goal. Yes, that would include cutting out (cutting back?) on these:

Tailgate treats!

So.....anyone want to join me? I think I will join Friday. I have 5 weeks till my goal, so that takes me a week before......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! 

Today's food thoughts: Not bad, but could be better. I had a brat & spreadable cheese snack when I got home from work while I was waiting for dinner to cook. It tasted good, but didn't feel good. It just felt "dirty." "Greasy." Not something that my body wanted. Maybe my mouth wanted that taste, but not my body. When dinner finally finished, I 100% regretted my "snack." Dinner was broiled Cajun seasoned Salmon with steamed veggies. OMG SOOOOO GOOD. Salmon is so good and so good for you! I wish I hadn't tainted myself with the brat. I try to always think, "is this something my mouth wants, or something my body needs?" Every once in a while yes it is good to have something your mouth wants (aka flourless chocolate cake yum!) but doing that too often leads to problems. I just feel so much better inside and out when I eat healthy. 

I know what I need to do, but it is the actual "doing" seems to be the problem. Anyone else agree? 

Ok who's joining Diet Bet with me?? 

Ciao lovelies! 

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