Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My apartment stinks :(

Detox sucks. I wouldn't recommend it the way that I'm doing it. If you want to do a cleanse, then talk to a doctor/nutritionist and get a plan that suits you and still works to detox.

Let's recap the past few days.....after I posted on Monday night, I decided to cook up some mushrooms. Instead of sauteeing like I normally do, I steamed them. They actually didn't taste bad and I (errr) ate them all. And then.....well.....Meredith said on her detox "regularity is a bonus." Um how about full blown COLON CLEANSE. I don't think you need to know anymore than that about night one!

Day 2...not bad at all! Eggs for breakfast, no flax. Lunch: 2 packs of tuna. Lettuce was frozen so I didn't eat that. Dinner: lemon pepper sole dover, little bit of chicken, asparagus (duh), grilled/broiled bok choy. Finally filled and good to go. No real complaints except not being able to have the following: propel zero/powerade zero, yogurt, cheese, more coffee, gum, oh and my fatty meats (bacon! red meat!).

Bok Choy on the broiler pan. YUM!

Bok Choy round two....slightly burnt! Eeeks

Observations after 2 days. It's really not that bad! I've dropped a few pounds in a few days and realized that 1) I don't need to eat as many calories as I normally do or normally think I do [I haven't been counting things or watching portions at all] 2) I don't need to always count calories and carbs. That is a nice bonus! 3) I don't really need to use butters or oils.

I'm looking forward after detox where I plan on combining things like.....less fats and artificial sweeteners, with adding back my regular foods and portion control/counting calories. I think that way I can get the best of both worlds. Oh! I haven't been exercising this week, so adding that back in!

Day 3: IT SUCKS. I think I need to be snacking more on veggies during the day. I don't think I'm doing this properly. You definitely have to eat more veggies during the day. By the end of today (no caffeine!) I was dyyyyyyyying. So tired and no energy. Day 3 was not fun at all. I came home, at my leftover fish and cooked up some cauliflower. I ate a shit ton of cauliflower cuz I was starving. And let me tell you, I am not satisfied. Full, yes, but not satisfied. I am still exhausted, didn't enjoy my food, and dislike the lack of variety.

I think even my version would work, but the key is planning ahead. Make sure to have enough snack veggies for work. Have enough variety to make something yummy for dinner....boiled cauliflower with cajun spices is not the answer. I started some hardcore Paleo/workout fab bloggers, who have some amazingly healthy and delicious looking recipes. I don't think I could ever go full Paleo, and my life will never be that hardcore working out, but again, I think I want to take bits of that and adapt it to my life.

One day (probably a cold snowy day this winter) I will write my whole "weight issues" story/history.....but here is a quick part....At one point when I was living in Houston, I was eating around 650-900 calories a day, keeping to about 25 total carbs a day, and 100g of protein. I'd workout 6 days a week. I got down to my lowest weight probably since Junior High. I looked great, felt great, and was able to run my first 5K in less than 28 minutes. But let me tell you, eating that way was not healthy and I didn't have much of a social life. There are many positives from that time period that I would love to get back to again (I hardly drank at all! low fat! exercise!) So being where I am right difficult to say the least. I want to go back to where I was in 2011, but I know it wasn't the healthiest way. It was quick & easy....but not the best. So I'm torn. I want to get there quick and easy so I'm hoping this detox gets me partially there. Today I weight in at 135.8lbs, I'm 5' I know 900 cals plus working out is not what I need. 

All that being said.....I'm trying to be on my way to get back to that point, but in a healthy way. Hopefully this blog will just be one outlet for me to get there....the right way.

3 Cheers to getting healthy and losing weight The Right Way. Good night my lovelies. I'm so tired I just wanna crash early tonight!


  1. You are beautiful the way you are!!! :)

    1. Thank you so much! It's always that struggle between being happy & loving your body, and the urge to be even better! Constant struggle I tell ya!