Monday, September 24, 2012

Detox is tough!

Day one of almost over. Well, it wasn't hard until about 20 minutes ago, when I had already eaten dinner, but still feel like I'm starving. I'm about to go back to the kitchen to figure out what veggies I can eat. Breakfast was relatively normal: 2 eggs micro-scrambled with a scoop of flax. Lunch wasn't bad either: 2 packets of chunk light tuna in water, and a garden salad-tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, and a bit of lettuce thrown in. Easy peasy. Dinner was yum! I had a bit of leftover baked chicken as an appetizer because my stomach was getting hungry. The actual meal was asparagus steamed with lemon pepper mahi mahi. I bought roughly a pound of asparagus last week, cut the big nasty ends off, and threw them in my pot to steam. It took only about 3 minutes on boil to have the nice "al dente" crunch. I ate half of that with salt and pepper as I waited for for my mahi mahi to come out of the oven. And then I munched on some more stalks. And had the rest with my mahi mahi. I love my asparagus! It was odd not to put melted butter or shakey parm cheese on my asparagus, but I love it with some S&P so no worries there. The seasoning on the mahi mahi was amazing as well. It was also odd not to even spray my oven pan with non-stick canola oil. Just say no! Thankfully my fish didn't stick. However, like I said...I'm still hungry! I even have seconds of the mahi mahi. I guess I will need to dig into more veggies with my evening tea.

Asparagus.  I love this stuff!!

More asparagus and Mahi Mahi!

I would have to say the hardest part was realizing that I cannot have gum! Sugar-free gum & mints have artificial sweeteners!! Stinky breath for sure today. Ooops. I'm honestly not sure how effective today was from a "cleanse" or "detox" day, but I will say it was definitely healthy. Who can argue with vegetables, fish, a bit of chicken, and 2 eggs?

I'm super pumped about this fall tv! Tonight I'm watching The Voice, 2 Broke Girls, and it was supposed to be How I Met Your Mother but I just realized I MISSED IT. Crapola. How did that happen?!? I thought I set my phone app to give me a reminder for all my shows today! :( Bummer. Let's hope CBS puts it online tomorrow. Well, I'm not about to miss 2BG, so I'm gonna bounce! Adios lovelies!

What's your favorite healthy food? How do you satisfy hunger pains? What are you watching tonight??

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