Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh heavens not again

I've become a blog slacker. My new goal: post once on Tuesday, once on the weekend, and hopefully a third time during the week. It's been crazy around here and by the time I get home from my Bar Method class, its almost 8pm and time to make dinner! I need to plan better so I can have dinners ready when I get home so I can sit at my computer, write a quick post, and catch up on my DVR! I don't even have pictures to post because I haven't even plugged my phone into my computer in quite a while. This (again, sorry) is going to be super short. I need to clean my apartment. I'm 27, not in college, so my apartment needs to be CLEAN to reflect that. Then it's time for a quick shower and Saturday evening church.

Quick diet bet update: I failed drastically. 4 weeks to lose 5 lbs is seriously not a big challenge, and I failed. Pretty much exactly where I started. I'm working out 5 times a week and definitely feel stronger and more flexible, but I'm just not seeing results. Definitely not seeing results on the scale and I don't feel like I've traded fat for muscle. So disappointing! I don't know what to do.......I am thinking of starting my day with a green monster smoothie every day for a week. Beyond that, I just don't know....Kicking it up to 2 workouts a day? I just don't know!! All I know is that I have 10lbs of flub I really need to get rid of and fast. I sure hope I can get my act together ASAP. Hmph.

Ok lovelies I'm off to clean!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

No Numbers Weekend

Yes, you read that numbers! This weekend I did *not* ....count calories....count carbs....weigh myself. I wanted to just focus on what I was eating, instead of the numbers behind it. Granted, I am pretty well-versed in calories and carbs, so I had an idea of what I ate, but I didn't track it. After this diet bet, I am thinking about getting into the habit of not relying on the numbers. I want to eat what is good and in proper proportions, instead of constantly number crunching. I want to wake up in the morning and go to work, without having to step on the scale first. If my pants are tight, I need to workout more and eat healthier, regardless of the numbers. However, studies show if you record what you eat and weigh yourself regularly, you lose more. Like I said a few days's the balance. Tonight I even indulged in a bit of No Sugar Added, Reduced Fat, Lactose Free, Cherry Cordial ice cream, and it was dang good! I went to the new bar studio (The Dailey Method) yesterday morning, and I am feeling it today! My plan is to get back into my regular routine with my original Bar Method studio. They have a contest that lasts for a month. If you go the most, then you win some stuff, including an hour massage!! Everyone that goes to at least 20 classes during the month will receive a free long-sleeve t-shirt. I want a shirt! I doubt I will get the massage, but I will try. :)

Tomorrow I will upload pictures from the past few days/weeks so you have something to look at besides my ramblings!

Good night lovelies!!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Sooooo soooorrrrry! I've been super busy moving, and finally got my wireless internet all hooked up today! I promise I will have a new blog post soon!!

Goodnight my lovelies! :)