Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh heavens not again

I've become a blog slacker. My new goal: post once on Tuesday, once on the weekend, and hopefully a third time during the week. It's been crazy around here and by the time I get home from my Bar Method class, its almost 8pm and time to make dinner! I need to plan better so I can have dinners ready when I get home so I can sit at my computer, write a quick post, and catch up on my DVR! I don't even have pictures to post because I haven't even plugged my phone into my computer in quite a while. This (again, sorry) is going to be super short. I need to clean my apartment. I'm 27, not in college, so my apartment needs to be CLEAN to reflect that. Then it's time for a quick shower and Saturday evening church.

Quick diet bet update: I failed drastically. 4 weeks to lose 5 lbs is seriously not a big challenge, and I failed. Pretty much exactly where I started. I'm working out 5 times a week and definitely feel stronger and more flexible, but I'm just not seeing results. Definitely not seeing results on the scale and I don't feel like I've traded fat for muscle. So disappointing! I don't know what to do.......I am thinking of starting my day with a green monster smoothie every day for a week. Beyond that, I just don't know....Kicking it up to 2 workouts a day? I just don't know!! All I know is that I have 10lbs of flub I really need to get rid of and fast. I sure hope I can get my act together ASAP. Hmph.

Ok lovelies I'm off to clean!!

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  1. I had to laugh at your comment that you dreamed about me - ha!

    I used to be a big time slob, but once I had a daughter I figured I'd have to set a good example!

    Happy Friday Chica!