Sunday, October 7, 2012

No Numbers Weekend

Yes, you read that numbers! This weekend I did *not* ....count calories....count carbs....weigh myself. I wanted to just focus on what I was eating, instead of the numbers behind it. Granted, I am pretty well-versed in calories and carbs, so I had an idea of what I ate, but I didn't track it. After this diet bet, I am thinking about getting into the habit of not relying on the numbers. I want to eat what is good and in proper proportions, instead of constantly number crunching. I want to wake up in the morning and go to work, without having to step on the scale first. If my pants are tight, I need to workout more and eat healthier, regardless of the numbers. However, studies show if you record what you eat and weigh yourself regularly, you lose more. Like I said a few days's the balance. Tonight I even indulged in a bit of No Sugar Added, Reduced Fat, Lactose Free, Cherry Cordial ice cream, and it was dang good! I went to the new bar studio (The Dailey Method) yesterday morning, and I am feeling it today! My plan is to get back into my regular routine with my original Bar Method studio. They have a contest that lasts for a month. If you go the most, then you win some stuff, including an hour massage!! Everyone that goes to at least 20 classes during the month will receive a free long-sleeve t-shirt. I want a shirt! I doubt I will get the massage, but I will try. :)

Tomorrow I will upload pictures from the past few days/weeks so you have something to look at besides my ramblings!

Good night lovelies!!

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