Thursday, September 20, 2012

Link Love!

While I sat here watching football, playing SongPop on my phone, and staring at my computer screen....I couldn't think of anything to post! Again, no recipes, no cool tips or tricks, and no cute outfit ideas. I do have 2 pictures of my "post workout" and "dinner" foods...but no real post! I decided I'll keep it short and sweet, and link up some of my favorite websites.

First, my food pics...

Post-workout. 3 oz of leftover Chicken that I baked 2 nights ago, topped with some jalapenos for a kick and a dash of grated romano. Not exciting at alllll and probably not enough carbs for right after a workout. Should've had my low carb yogurt, for a better balance, but I wanted lean chicken.

Dinner! Baked orange roughy. I took a picture when it was still on the baking sheet but it didn't turn out nicely. I wanted to take another one after I set it on my plate, but completely forgot! I just dove right in. This tasted amazing and was so simple! All I did was spray each side with canola oil, added salt and pepper, and sprinkled red pepper flakes on top. Baked it for about 10 min on 350, then broiled for 2 minutes so it would crisp up a bit on the top. Yum! I also got it on the sale section, so my yummy piece of meat was $5.99/lb, or less than $3! Less than $3 for dinner! Solid!

Just a few links for ya today...

1) 5 Ways to Make Starting a Diet Easier For anyone who is looking for that kickstart on a new diet

2) My absolute favorite way to track what I eat, my workouts, and my weight. The only downfall is that they are somewhat limited on workouts. Otherwise, no complaints! I'm constantly on this site and on the iPhone app.

3) Tastespotting Check it out, drool, find new blogs to follow!

4) Iowa Girl Eats My Bizzy Kitchen Heather's Dish The Bargain Blonde Kalyn's Kitchen Prevention RD My favorite blogs! I follow TONS of blogs....probably around 25 now.... but I've been reading these the longest and are my favorites! I highly recommend you check them all out. Tell them I sent you ;)

5) Bar Method SLC Lastly, my new favorite Bar Method Studio! Even if you don't have a Bar Method studio in your area, be sure to check out their store for DVDs and what not. Love my Bar!

That is all for now my lovelies! Make tomorrow an amazing Friday!

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