Thursday, September 6, 2012

Such a *slacker*

Ok y'all....serious confession to make. I love having a blog. I love blogging. But, I hate writing!! I don't get to my computer to sit and write a post till 10pm and by that time, I really just don't want to do it. I promise, I'll keep up with the blog, but who knows how often I will post. Le sigh.

What I Wore Wednesday: I was rushing out the door so I didn't take a picture! Luckily, I have an old picture that you can see my top.

You can barely see it (sorry!!) but it is my new favorite shirt. White and black stripes, in three different directions....2 diagonal on the top and horizontal just below the boobs. I love it because it is rushed on the sides and the multi-directional stripes really disguise any flaws. Perfect "fat day" shirt to hide any self-conscious bits. I wore black NY & Co. work pants-woot...I only like 10 pair- and my silver and black Paris Hilton shoes. Like I said, I was running late, so just did makeup and minimal jewelry. Next week I promise better pictures and descriptions.

Paris Hilton Women's Destiny
Shirt: From TJ Maxx
Pants: NY & Co.
Shoes: Paris Hilton via

September Spendless Tip! 

Be mindful with groupon/livingsocial etc. purchases! I love those websites to purchase things at a great savings, but be careful!!! People tend to buy these great deals, but never use them! A great deal ends up becoming a waste. Make sure what you purchase is something you 1) already do aka oil changes or 2) will use right away.

I recommend putting a remind on your phone or schedule your appointment right away so you use the deal. Second tip: USE THEM AFTER THE EXPIRATION!!!! If the deal has expired, the value you paid is still valid!!!! Sometimes indefinitely, sometimes for a year, but don't just throw it away!! Check with the website you purchased it from, but odds are, you will still get your monies worth. Also check with the retailer to see if they will honor the deal value. I've had cases where they honor the full value, especially if I'm just barely outside of the expiration. Don't throw your money down the drain :)

That's all from me today!

Stats for today: 1209+ Calories, 100 Protein, met carb goals, slightly high fat goals. I gave into cheese
Exercise stats: Felt the burn in 1 hour of Bar Method
Spend less: Didn't buy extras from Walgreens when I picked up my subscription! Small bags of nuts, vitamins, and sale makeup meant nothing to me today :)

Goodnight Lovelies!!

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