Sunday, September 16, 2012

So sorry! More September Saving tips!

After an impromptu road trip, I've been trying to get back on track and blogging has fallen to the wayside...yet again!

Let's see.....not much exciting to update!! So, I'll just get to a few money saving tips!

Don't throw it away! Again, another food tip. Anyone else like using a crockpot as much as I do? Well, I usually do things quick and simple. Some chicken, salsa, cheese, and a few seasonings. Let it sit overnight or all day and dinner is done! Well, I thought, why not keep the leftover "sauce" and use it for something else? Easy peasy! Made scrambled eggs the next morning, cooked with the leftover salsa mixture. Yum and hearty!

Use savings websites to your advantage! Again, you can use sites like Haute Look or Beyond the Rack for clothes and home goods, or my new one Wayfair for furniture and home, for sweet deals off designer brands. Another HUGE help for me is Surviving the Stores. They tell you the best deals out there for all sorts of stores, including coupon matchups, super sales, restaurant coupons, retail sales, and more! Seriously, check it out if you want to save some serious cash!

Finally, don't buy what you don't need. Easier said than done, trust me, I know! But, when you are in line checking out, or get bored and run to the mall, just ask I really need this? Am I really going to get the full value out of this? Today, I spent an extra $15 today because I needed to clean my floors. I could've taken more time out to go to a different store and find a bucket (I have a mop and floor cleaner!) for cheaper, but I knew I would get the full value out of my new swiffer ($15) and I would get my floor cleaned instead of waiting longer. That was worth it. The extra body wash and bubble bath I grabbed because it was in the same aisle? No. Not the brand I should've bought and I didn't have a coupon.

Lastly, return it. If you bought it and regret it/no longer need it/decide it's just not right, then return it! Don't let things hang in your closet or sit on the shelf just because returning something is a hassle or embarrassing. Trust me, those cashiers aren't making enough money to judge you. Take the extra 5 minutes the next time you're at the store and get your money back. In fact, I have somethings I need to return this week....

Happy Money Savings my lovelies! I'll be blogging more this week, promise ;) Can't wait to see you all back here!!

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