Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A little bit of this...

I've decided not to post about my moving saga until it is complete. Let's just say I have been in SLC for a month now, and I still do not have my belongings. Once they arrive, I'll fill you in with the whole story.

Let's see....yesterday....I won't be doing "Meatless Monday" posts, since I am a hardcore carnivore. I love my veggies and all, but since I've gone back to hardcore low carb, the concept of no meat on Monday just won't do. Maybe a "Meaningful Monday" where I reflect on something meaningful? Oooh Monday Madness?!? We will see.....yesterday was an interesting day. At the end of the day, one of my coworkers was let go. We all knew it was going to happen, but he didn't. It was sad because he is such a nice person, but it really wasn't working out. The position was just not a good fit for him. I really hope he ends up in with a job that better fits his personality and something he can excel at.

After work yesterday, I went to another Bar Method class. Third class, third instructor. She was good, and I could definitely feel the shake for most of the exercises. There was one exercise we did that I don't think I did correctly. My legs were engaged, but I didn't feel it in my core. Next time I'll have to ask my instructor if I'm doing it correctly. I originally signed up for a 6am class for today, but HA who am I kidding?!? I am *the worst* when it comes to mornings. No way was I getting up that early. I did cook a decent dinner yesterday....Pork Chops on the broiler. Just a little salt, pepper, and a pinch of cumin and throw it on the broiler. Yum!

Today was a good day. It seemed much calmer in the office, which was a pleasant change. The talk in the office lately has been our very first tailgate of the season on Thursday. That is one nice perk of working in athletics....everyone gets excited for football! Apparently here we go all out with tailgating, so I'm pretty pumped about that. Our theme of the year is fried foods. UGH so bad for the cholesterol and waistline. I will partake, but I won't overindulge. Lies.......I am going to fail miserably. But, I guess one day every other week or so will be ok...right?!? Just have to be good the rest of the time. This week's fried food: Cheese. Cheese curds, cheese sticks, mac n cheese, cheesecake, along with the tailgate staples of brats, burgers, beer, chips, dip-beer cheese dip-and who knows what else. I've been told they are lacking in the dessert area, so I volunteered to bake....EVERY TAILGATE. I'm glad I love baking but I will be torturing myself!! My coworkers already give me a hard time for passing up cookies when people bring them to the office. They don't realize I've always had weight issues and my clothes are currently tight. I would like to drop down the extra 10 lbs I've gained the past 6 months, so I have to pass up cookies and bagels in the office in order to indulge during tailgates. (Future blog post? About me section?) Anyways, I will be torturing myself all football season by baking. No worries, I will sample just a tiny bit before I bring the food in. I cannot bring bad dessert to a tailgate! And then I'll have to sample a bit in front of my coworkers to show that I'm human. I really want to do low carb and sugar-free desserts, but people are very anti-fake sugar out here, so I don't know if that would go over well. I'll gauge after this week how creative and healthy I can get...

...Wait....if we can do boatloads of fried foods, can't I use artificial sugar?.....

Back on point...I decided this week I would make Red Velvet Football Shaped Whoopie Pies! Red for school colors (yay), football for football (duh) and whoopie pies in honor of me leaving Texas (southern staple found at every Valero gas station and mother's baking repertoire). Mind you, I've never made whoopie pies before, let alone red velvet and football shaped. Nor have I ever baked at high altitude. Eeeks maybe I'm in over my head! Shh, don't tell, but I made a batch today using store bought cake mix. If they taste good (told you, I can't serve something that tastes like crap) I will just bring those this week and venture into the better, homemade things later in the season. With all the red batter, it looked like I murdered someone in my kitchen! Tell me, how did I manage to spill coffee on my white shirt while getting out of my car this morning, but was able to drink red wine at our work dinner party this evening (uneventful-not worth blogging about) and baked a red velvet cake with no problems? I'm such a clutz! I added extra flour for the altitude and cranked up the heat in the oven just the slightest bit, per the box instructions. Added challenge: I have no supplies! I have foil pans, a whisk, and a spatula I bought at the store this evening. Forgot to buy measuring cups, which are absolutely crucial in baking!!!! Cooking is an art, you can throw in whatever you want for your own tastes, but baking is a science. You need exact measurements to make sure it turns out correctly. The best bakers know how to combine things in the correct ratios, but not me, I need measuring cups. Thankfully it was just a box mix, so I scientifically guessed the "correct" amounts of water, oil, and extra flour, so we will see when I taste test after the cool. Fingers crossed :)

[For some reason my pictures won't load. Once I figure that out, I'll add them].

Hopefully they taste good and I can take them to the tailgate on Thursday!

Last little blurb. I bought water pills today. I feel super swollen and it feels like I've retained a ridiculous amount of water since moving to high altitude. I drink lots of water anyways, and have been told to do so to in order to fend of altitude sickness. I haven't been sick, but I swear, super swollen, especially in my right foot. I hope these suckers work! Oh the things you never knew about living high in the sky!

Alright lovelies, time for me to get ready for bed to dream up ways to attract more blog readers ;)

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