Friday, August 24, 2012

New city!

Cleveland Katelyn coming live to you from Salt Lake City! Obviously my goals of keeping up with my blog have failed drastically. No guarantees that I will actually be able to keep up with it now, but I'm in a new town, with no friends (yet!) so I have plenty of time to blog.

Why Salt Lake? My job! The crazy thing about my profession, is that you *must* be willing to move throughout the country if you want to advance. If you are lucky, you will find a place you want to stay forever and the stars will align for you to advance and stay at the same place. Or, when you reach the point of your career when you are ready to stay at the same position, hopefully you will be in a city that you enjoy. Thankfully, I am young and single, so when this position came open, I was able to apply with no worries. Long story short, I fell in love with Salt Lake City during my interview, and I was offered the job a few weeks later. I moved all of my belongings into a moving truck (long story on that later...) went on a family cruise (yay), came back to Houston to say my goodbyes, and began the 3 day drive to SLC.

I'll save the move and moving story for my next post, but I am very pleased to say that I am beyond happy here in SLC with my job and the city itself. SLC is an interesting place. It obviously has a tremendous influence from the LDS (aka Mormon) population, but there is also a huge counter-culture presence. My ultra-conservative dad is fearful that I will become a Mormon and also be under the influence of hippies, as SLC is "too close to California." Never fear dad! I only plan on taking the best of both worlds :) From the LDS population, I love their kindness and love of family. Who can argue with that?? From the "hippies," I am already living a healthier lifestyle, with the food I eat, mountain hiking and keeping active. There is no way I will ever become vegan or whatnot, because I just love meat! haha And no, I will not live in a tree. I love modern conveniences way too much. Lastly, I will learn to ski. I know this is very frightful to dear old dad, but I promise to take lessons and will be cautious as I learn to ski.

As for my blog, I plan on documenting my new life! From my instagram pictures (new obsession) to baking (once my pans get here) and fashion (Glossybox here I come)! So, cheers to new chapters and life experiences....I'm off to go see The Watch at the $1.75 movie theater. Nope....definitely don't have that in Houston!


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