Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Maybe this time around?

Every so often I get the urge to become a Blogger! It's baaa-ack! The motivation this time? I want to become a Daring Cook or Daring Baker! What's that? You've never heard of the Daring Kitchen? Well it's time for a quick education! The Daring Kitchen is a group of bloggers that take on one challenge a month. One (or a tagteam) of bloggers pick a recipe, explain the background and technique, and the bloggers all must post at a set date of each month. You upload pictures of your beautiful creation, and compare yours to everyone else. I haven't decided if I'd rather be a Cook or a Baker. I think Baker would better suit me, but I have been living a low-carb lifestyle for the past several months. I think I'd be better at the baking and would have more of the technique down. However.....I don't know if I would actually eat it. Or I would eat it and become fat. Dilemma! So, I thought maybe I should be a Cook instead! I could learn lots of new foods, but from the past several challenges, it could get exotic and expensive. I would do the Cook challenge gluten-free, enabling me to make the recipes much lower in carbs. I think I will wait until the December challenges are posted before I decide. I'll join for the January challenges and then I must blog!! With pictures!! If I can keep this blog active from now until my first Daring challenge in January, I will be very excited and happy that I was able to finally follow through on my blogging aspirations. I'll keep it short for now-it's nearly 1am and I am driving to College Station in the morning to spend Thanksgiving dinner with my best friend and her family. Next topic....ZUMBA!


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